Txankrr kea tìpängkxo

Kaltxì! Wou! Nìngay solalew zìsìt ta krr a pamrel si oe fìtseng. Oel fpìl nìngay futa krr ftem nìwin nì’ul tengkrr fterem.

Furia oe pamrel ke sarmi, oeru txoa livu. Oe fmasyi ziva’u fìtseng nì’ul.

Tse… Aynaru lu fpom srak?


5 thoughts on “Txankrr kea tìpängkxo

  1. Kaltxì ma Tirea!
    Oeru lu fok ulte oeyä txe’lanur fìfmawn teya si. Oeru txoa livu, pxiset lu oe skxawng tup numeyu fìlì’fyayä.

  2. There should be fpom instead of fok. Autocorrect fail :< But thanks! It's always nice to see old friends coming to places where they belong(?) 🙂
    After a year of not doing any kind of avatar stuff I'm learning some Na'vi as my schedule finally allows me to do so but I'm struggling a lot with grammar :/

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